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Sanctuary Wealth is the advanced platform for the next generation of wealth management. Elite advisors, who have the entrepreneurial spirit to build and manage their own practices, want and need the all-encompassing support of a partnership ecosystem to achieve their full potential.

We provide that, and more.

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Elite National Network

We have created an ecosystem of partnered independence, through which our advisors enjoy the freedom to deliver the tailored service their clients deserve.

Our national community of 41 elite partner firms, owned by top-performing advisors, spans 17 states and employs more than 100 advisors, and we’re growing.


We work with the industry’s most reputable custodians, including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and BNY Mellon | Pershing, so our advisors can choose their preferred partner or partners And this flexibility enhances our ability to acquire valuable practices and onboard them with great efficiency.

Open Architecture

We offer a best-in-class technology stack, a complete operational infrastructure, and an open architecture environment that allows for access to an unrestricted array of investment vehicles, including unique opportunities available only through our network of partner firms.

Affiliated Businesses

We support our advisors’ needs through ancillary, owned businesses, including a global family office, a tax and accounting firm, and several other strategic affiliates, offering asset management, insurance, and outsourced business services.

Hybrid Model

We own both a registered investment advisor (Sanctuary Wealth Advisors) and our own broker-dealer (Sanctuary Securities). This value-added hybrid model enables our partner firms to conduct both advisory and brokerage business in a seamless way.

Firm History

Sanctuary Wealth Founder and CEO Jim Dickson spent more than 20 years in senior positions on Wall Street, and in recent years came to the realization, like many of his peers, that the business had changed, and not for the better. He still had the fire and passion for the clients he began his career with, but he was increasingly disillusioned with how the emphasis seemed to be shifting more towards managing the corporate bottom line than helping clients achieve their evolving life goals.

Sanctuary Wealth was founded to deliver partnered independence to financial advisors, who have the entrepreneurial drive to be business owners rather than employees.

Founder's Message

If you’re an advisor looking to breakaway or leave from a wirehouse, or if you’re RIA or an independent advisor looking for some outside support or even a succession plan, you have several options. You can consider remaining or becoming an employee of either a securities firm, an independent broker-dealer, or an integrated consolidator. With Sanctuary Wealth, you have another option. We offer partnered independence. This is a unique model that allows you to own and manage your own business while also being partners in something bigger than yourself.

Through the Sanctuary Wealth platform, we work with advisors to either launch their own independent advisory firm or we partner with them to accelerate the growth of their existing practice. We believe in helping you create real value. That’s why our advisor-focused model was designed to enable you to offer objective advice, to properly serve your clients’ best interests, and to add much-needed expertise and support services.

The Pillars of our Business

Freedom & Flexibility

We deliver the independence to build your firm as you envision, empowered by the flexibility to focus on the outcomes you desire. And we ensure you will have the control to serve your clients to their complete satisfaction.

Culture & Community

You will be part of an invaluable network of peers well-positioned to share new, unique revenue-generating opportunities, benefiting from a collegial culture that emphasizes service, trust and transparency.


Supported within our partnered ecosystem of resource partners, you will be able to concentrate on growing your business, supplemented by the services and new revenue opportunities we deliver for you and your clients.


In the constant pursuit and cultivation of best practices, we aim to provide our partner firms with the latest technology as well as the novel thought leadership that propels our industry forward.

Why Investors Choose Sanctuary Advisors

When an individual investor is looking for a financial advisor for their family, and maybe their business, it is a serious decision, bearing a heavy responsibility. An advisor’s competency at the basics of financial planning and investment management are table stakes – and we believe every investor needs three things:

Commitment.  Accountability.  Expertise.



At Sanctuary Wealth, we’ve built our network by identifying advisors who can deliver more – and that begins with the way they approach their client relationships, the manner in which they safeguard their clients’ assets, the level of commitment they bring to every family member.



We recruit only top-performing advisors who have demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit to own their own firms – so that they may serve their clients, without corporate restraint, and to their fullest potential. These advisors embrace the accountability of being their clients’ steward, fiduciary and advocate.



Your Sanctuary Wealth advisor is your trusted guide, a true partner in your success, whose expertise, practical experience and advanced credentials have been greatly enhanced by the personal investment they make every day in serving your best interests.

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