Oasis 2023

At OASIS, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration. Through engaging workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and interactive sessions, our partner firms will immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere where they can exchange ideas, forge meaningful relationships, and tap into a wealth of knowledge from industry leaders and experts.

Oasis 2023

Take a look at the great time we had this year at OASIS with networking, education, and most of all:  FUN!

Oasis 2023 Recap

Catch what you missed this year!

Oasis 2023

Keynote Speakers

Amy CuddySocial Psychologist | Author

Dr. Amy Cuddy is a renowned social psychologist, bestselling author, and award-winning teacher. 

Phil Gwoke
Generational Consultant | BridgeWorks

Phil is an internationally recognized speaker with a diverse background. He currently serves as the Managing Director of the BridgeWorks team.

Alison Levine
Adventurer | Author

Alison Levine is a boundary-breaking polar explorer, mountaineer, and corporate leader. 

Ben Nemtin
Author | Creator

Ben Nemtin is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and star of MTV’s hit show, The Buried Life. 

OASIS 2023

Featured Breakout Sessions

At OASIS we expanded our breakout sessions to ignite enlightening dialogues and foster peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, all centered around best practices and sustainable growth opportunities for our partner firms. Plus, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing in a lineup of strategic partner speakers and our own leadership team to delve into must-not-miss topics. Take a look at some of the sessions we will have available:

Earn Tomorrow's Clients:

Presented by: Katie Cullen, BlackRock 

Amplify Your Brand: Why Blogging, Webinars, and Local SEO Will Help You Dominate Online;

Presented by John Hancock  

Unlocking Generational Wealth: Maximizing Opportunities with the eMoney Platform

Presented by: Kaylie Zielinski, Sanctuary Wealth 

Model Portfolio Investing: Implementing and Optimizing Investment Models

Presented by: Sanctuary Wealth Hosted by: Richard Williams + Jonathan Burley  

Unleash your Potential: Take Your Time Back and Make Your Minutes Matter for Advisors

Presented by: Jennifer Louth, Franklin Templeton 

Oasis 2023

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