Our Team


Sanctuary Wealth’s accomplished senior management team is directly involved in an ongoing consultative role to ensure an optimal set-up for each partner firm, providing invaluable experience, expertise and a genuine welcome to our partnership.

Jim Dickson

Board Member, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Sanctuary Wealth

Vince Fertitta

President, Wealth Management

David Shane

Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Tramontano

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Walter

President, Sanctuary Securities and Chief Risk Officer

Jeff Kilburg

Chief Investment Officer

Michael Longley

Managing Director, Head of Business Development and Delivery

Leadership Team

Jack McCormack

Chief Information Officer

John Gatesman

Managing Director,
Insurance Solutions

Josh Freeman

Managing Director, Capital Markets

Richard Williams

Managing Director, Head of Advisor Solutions Group

Cindy Feldman

Director, Finance & Human Resources

Susan Graybeal

Director, Sanctuary Global

Lili Kaufmann

Director, Transitions

Breeze Krumm

Director, Training & Development

Doug MacKay

Director, Accounting & Finance

Karen Miller

Director, Institutional Services

Eric Nothstein

Director, Business Development

Jake Palmer

Director, Compliance & Ops


Massimo Guiati

Chairman of the Board, Co-CEO & Global Head of Distribution, Azimut Group

Jim Dickson

Board Member, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Sanctuary Wealth

Vittorio Pracca

Board Member, Global Head of IR, Azimut Group & Deputy CEO, Azimut Alternative Capital Partners

J. Christopher Cooke

Board Member, Principal & Senior Institutional Consultant, Cooke Financial Group

Paul Barrett

Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, AZ Next Generation Advisory

Blake Harper

Board Member, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Orchard Capital Management

Paul Brain

Board Member, Chief Operating Officer, AZ Next Generation Advisory

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Pershing Transition PDFs

Pershing Program Pershing Dreyfus Fund Comparison Prospectus – Administrative Shares Prospectus – Institutional Shares Prospectus – Dreyfus Cash Management Funds Prospectus – Dreyfus Cash Management Funds Pershing Customer Fees