Sanctuary Wealth Announces Launch of Enhanced Haven Workstation Platform

Sanctuary Wealth announced the launch of an enhanced version of its Haven platform, the firm’s proprietary, fully integrated advisor workstation that will elevate the advisor experience

Sanctuary Wealth (Sanctuary), home to the next generation of elite advisors, announced the launch of an enhanced version of its Haven platform, the firm’s proprietary, fully integrated advisor workstation that will elevate the advisor experience by driving efficiencies, improving client service and ultimately accelerating advisor growth. The platform has been completely revamped to reflect advisor feedback, add functionality and take advantage of the latest digital technology.

Haven was designed as a comprehensive platform to empower advisors by fostering community and connections, while providing resources, analytics and training, all in one centralized location. With Haven, advisors gain access to a robust set of tools and resources that will revolutionize their operations and drive productivity, allowing them more time to build deeper relationships with clients and prospects. It is also the gateway to all home office activity and information, including practice management-related content, training materials and best-practices white papers.

“Haven is more than just a proprietary portal or repository for various company resources, it’s an entire ecosystem that supports Sanctuary Partner Firms in running their business successfully.,” said Jene Hoosier, Chief Operating Officer of Sanctuary Wealth. “Originally conceived to streamline our advisors’ workflow and enable them to provide more efficient and effective service to their clients, our enhanced Haven platform does much more. From integration with their preferred technology tools, to advanced data analytics that provide advisors with critical insights to make informed business decisions, to building communities where advisors can collaborate with peers across the Sanctuary network, the upgraded Haven platform has it all, and is already getting rave reviews from early adopters.”

Data analytics for advisor growth

Haven’s advanced data analytics capabilities provide advisors with the critical insights they need to make informed decisions to grow their practices in today’s dynamic marketplace. The platform’s four dashboards give advisors a user-friendly and intuitive interface to access valuable information in the firm’s ever-expanding data warehouse to analyze key metrics, including assets, revenue, client demographics and benchmarking data.

“Over the last few years, we struggled to pull together high-level business data to get a sense of business health,” explained Chris Kenny CFP, ® Managing Partner of Muirwood Private Wealth, a Sanctuary Partner Firm. “Today’s Haven upgrade simplifies the evaluation process, giving us access to AUM, fees and household data with a few clicks. As we roll out new marketing initiatives, the Haven platform will help us spot trends more quickly to evaluate the strength of the new strategies with the new benchmarking analytics tools taking our efforts the next level.”

Access systems on advisors’ terms

Sanctuary’s partnered independence provides advisors with freedom, flexibility and control, without sacrificing the support, integration and infrastructure they need to grow their businesses and serve their clients with distinction. Haven offers an upgraded and integrated platform where advisors can access the tools and systems they choose to run their practices, including connectivity to multiple custodians, TAMPs and the firm’s approved investment solutions and research.

Building community

Sanctuary believes that being independent does not have to mean being alone. The Haven platform serves as a vibrant community hub, connecting advisors with their Sanctuary peers, home office staff and other industry professionals, who understand the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Haven offers a diverse and collaborative community space where advisors can expand their knowledge and broaden their perspectives through forums, special interest groups and virtual events.

Built for advisors, with advisors

To ensure Haven met the needs of advisors and their clients, Sanctuary partnered closely with a dedicated Advisory Council consisting of advisors and support staff from partner firms across the country. Their extensive industry expertise, unique perspectives, and deep understanding of the challenges faced by advisors have guided the decision-making that went into upgrading Haven, allowing the firm to deliver an exceptional product. In addition to helping to shape the roadmap of Haven’s development, the Advisory Council played a crucial role in beta testing the platform.

“Haven is the latest demonstration of our commitment to continually improving the service and support we provide to our partner firms,” said Adam Malamed, CEO of Sanctuary Wealth. “Working closely together with our employees and partner firms, we have collectively transformed Haven into a game-changing resource that will empower advisors in reaching new heights of success.”