Independent advisors enjoy a level of success but recognize that sustaining the profitability of their practice – or growing it effectively – requires a modification to their business model. Partnering with Sanctuary Wealth provides access to our platform, an elite network of Partner Firms, and the variety of distinct client solutions we offer.

Our partnership

We find and create opportunities for succession, acquisition, and, most importantly, growth – without diminishing the control our partners retain – or shifting the focus from your clients. With Sanctuary, you retain control of your investment and service models, your people and culture, and your brand. And if you’re looking for the right strategy to carry on your legacy, we can show you an array of possibilities.
Our Partner Firms actively participate in and uphold the culture and community that Sanctuary has fostered

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Owners of independent firms looking to do more

If resources are what you need to achieve your full potential, Sanctuary offers the ideal partnership.


Our partner firms benefit from the scale of our enterprise and the scope of our operations. With better negotiating power at the enterprise level, we deliver an efficiency smaller firms can’t achieve on their own.

Mission-Critical Services

From our hybrid model as an RIA and broker-dealer to our ever-evolving toolbox of solutions to our in-house back-office resources, we provide the services you need to deliver an elevated client experience.


From Day One, our investment products, operational solutions and organizational support are geared to drive your business growth.


Our platform, processes and people are geared to accelerate the growth and profitability of your new independent business – by focusing on what and how you can deliver for your clients.

Our ecosystem offers these 5 advantages:

When you join Sanctuary, you will have access to our full ecosystem, comprising value-added services, a solution toolbox, robust practice management and infrastructure support.

Strategic Capital

Our Partnership Program fuels inorganic growth with access to capital for acquisitions, designed to increase enterprise value, cash flow, and scale – and to create succession plans.

Growth Platform

Our tech stack, operational support, and solutions toolbox combine to deliver a platform explicitly designed to help you grow – by allowing you to focus your time and energy on your clients.

Partner Firm portal

Haven is a comprehensive platform designed to empower our Partner Firms with community and connection, resources, analytics, and training, all in one centralized location. Our advanced data analytics capabilities provide advisors with the critical insights they need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition in today's dynamic marketplace.

Solutions Toolbox

Our Partner Firms can choose the optimal vehicle to fit their clients’ circumstances, all managed by a highly experienced team of professionals committed to giving a customized concierge service to accelerate growth.

Sanctuary Asset Management (SAM)

Sanctuary Insurance Solutions

Retirement Plan Services

Sanctuary Business Owner & Executive Services

Capital Markets Desk

Alternative Investments

Sanctuary Lending Center

Private Deals

Practice Management Support

From compliance to human resources to accounting services and more, we provide you with dependable infrastructure support. We work alongside our Partner Firms as they pursue growth opportunities and focus on their clients.


Human Resources

Tax Management

Accounting Services

Back-Office Support

Training & Education

Compliance & Risk Management

E&O Insurance

Our team is ready to answer your questions

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Beyond our ecosystem:
a community with shared values

Sanctuary’s culture is rooted in the experience of our leadership and team, who understand the limitations faced by advisors at large financial institutions. Our value system is focused on helping partner firms better serve clients and grow. Advisors join us for our Partnered Independence model, which aligns with their values and dedication to clients.

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Broker Protocol is an agreement among financial firms that outlines how financial advisors can switch employers without being sued for soliciting clients. The protocol specifies a set of rules that departing advisers must follow when contacting clients at their new firm, in order to avoid violating non-solicitation agreements and to ensure a smooth transition of clients to the new firm. While protocol firms may let you take limited client contact data and reach out to clients, non-protocol firms do not allow you to take any client data or to “solicit” clients. Working with Sanctuary, you'll be carefully guided on how to follow the rules set by your existing firm.

We are pleased to inform you that the majority of equities traded on exchanges can be transferred over without any issues. One of the main aspects of the transition curriculum that we review would be in your holdings of: Mutual Funds, Alternative Investments and Third Party Asset Managers. This due diligence will help you prepare for your launch day and ensure a seamless transition for your book of business.

Being a business owner comes with numerous advantages, and among them, is the freedom and flexibility that come with being a business owner are invaluable. As a business owner, you have the autonomy to make decisions regarding clients, projects, and the direction of your business. You have the ability to choose the clients and projects that align with your expertise and interests, allowing you to create a fulfilling and tailored professional experience. Moreover, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule and work-life balance, giving you the opportunity to prioritize personal commitments and enjoy a more flexible lifestyle. Another significant advantage of owning a business is the control you have over its valuation. As a business owner, you have the option to sell part or all of your business whenever you decide or when the opportunity arises. This level of ownership allows you to capitalize on the value you have built and potentially profit from the sale. Whether you choose to sell a portion of your business to raise capital or decide to exit the business entirely, the ability to control the valuation gives you a strategic advantage. In terms of tax treatment, being a business owner can provide favorable benefits compared to being an employee. As a business owner operating under a 1099 entity, you may be eligible for long-term capital gains treatment on the profits generated from the sale of your business or its assets. This can result in significant tax advantages compared to the ordinary income tax treatment typically associated with W-2 wages. Together, these advantages make business ownership an appealing option for individuals seeking independence, control, and financial benefits.

You will have the power to create your very own brand identity, build a compelling website, design eye-catching brochures and pitch books, and develop engaging content. You'll have the freedom to choose your firm's name, design a logo, and create collateral that truly resonates with your valued clients, empowering your independent brand. You'll be able to share your content on social media, conduct insightful interviews, host insightful podcasts, and even produce your own videos. The possibilities for creative marketing are endless, as long as you understand and cater to the content preferences of your target audience. We'll be there to support you every step of the way.