Sanctuary Cash Sweep Program

Effective August 16th 2024, Sanctuary will make changes to its cash sweep programs.

Please click here for a full description of changes.


Dreyfus Insured Deposits Sweep Product (DIDH)

Sanctuary Securities utilizes the Dreyfus Insured Deposit Product H (DIDH) bank sweep to automatically invest eligible cash balances as part of its cash sweep program. Please visit for further disclosures as well as the terms and conditions of the DIDH product.

Overflow Money Funds

In the event cash held in an account exceeds $2.5 million or participating banks in the sweep program are unable to accept new deposits, a Dreyfus Cash Management fund has been selected to automatically accept overflow deposits. The Dreyfus Insured Deposits Sweep Product (DIDH) utilizes Dreyfus Government Cash Management fund (Ticker: DGUXX). For more information on the overflow money market funds please search the ticker symbols provided on any internet search browser.