Our people

The magic of Sanctuary is found in our people. Our professionals are skilled, experienced and committed to best serving each of our partner firms. They have credentials and training. But what distinguishes them is their dedication to supporting and celebrating each other’s success.

Leadership team

Founded and developed by a leadership team with vast experience across the wealth management spectrum, Sanctuary has been propelled by a singular vision to create a Partnered Independence model that optimizes advisors’ potential for success. These managers and their teams committed to helping everyone in our community thrive and they make themselves available to all.

Board of Managers

Our esteemed Board of Managers is a diverse group of highly experienced professionals known for their unwavering commitment to integrity and ethical governance. They bring a wide range of perspectives to our decision-making process, fostering innovation and adaptability to address complex challenges. Their primary focus is on the long-term sustainability of the company, with a strong emphasis on responsible corporate citizenship and value creation for all stakeholders. Their leadership ensures that we remain a trusted and forward-thinking organization dedicated to delivering value in the years to come.